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The Centre & Our Vision Statement

The aim and vision of the Mid Essex Buddhist Centre is to create an environment where spiritual friendship and Sangha can flourish to enable people to grow and develop towards their full potential through meditation and the study of Buddhism.


The practices taught at the centre are also suited to people who have not previously meditated but wish to do so, particularly for reasons of stress or other similar issues.

The Mid Essex Buddhist Centre is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community with strong links to the larger London Buddhist Centre.

The Centre is a Registered Charity (Reg. No. 1172278).  It is funded purely from the donations of those who attend the meditation sessions and study classes.

Meditation within Buddhism

Meditation is a way of becoming more aware and alive to our moment-to-moment experience. All its effects, from simple relaxation to spiritual insight follow from that. In the short term, meditation is an antidote to stress, a means of becoming calmer and more self-possessed; in the long term, it is a tool with which we can transform ourselves fundamentally.


With consistent effort and regular practice, we begin to free ourselves from the limitations of habit. In meditation, we learn not to react habitually to our experience, but to respond creatively and with awareness.


People attending our centre learn two essential Buddhist meditation practices: Mindfulness of Breathing, which enhances awareness and peace of mind; and Metta Bhavana, or 'development of loving kindness', which brings about a gentle but radical transformation of our emotional world.


There is no particular order to the practices and attendees are invited to join at any time

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